Reflecting my particular attention for contrasts, ironies and contradictions, my art has always been filled up with subtle, yet very well defined, ludic accents.
I often start from a common theme from day-to-day life and I extract objects, characters or moods that I start playing around with.
Taken out of their initial context and opposed to or combined with other elements, they become part of my very own, personal universe. 
My obvious interest in street art and graffiti has influenced both my drawing technique and manner of expressing myself through illustration.
Nevertheless, I unconsciously pay a regular tribute to my academic background, architecture, which has imprinted to my thinking a certain way of conceptualizing the ideas.
But, most importantly, it has enabled me to shift between the scales of objects, between the public and the private space, between the ones I choose to address to.
I am probably a street artist who takes pieces of exterior walls and transposes them on canvas or paper and brings them in the inside and a lot closer to the recipient. 
omega cbu